#ODP14 Day 21

ODP14 21 1Today, creativity was simply not happening. I had to make two pots of coffee because while making the first one the filter of my french press turned sideways and filled all my coffee with grounds. I stayed up quite late last night studying for my history midterm (it’s on Thursday, if you want to sent well-wishes my way). And an 8am class was literally the last thing on my “this would be fun to do” list. Therefore, I present you with the least creative outfit I have worn all month (excluding day one where all I wore was The Dress). All I did was pin my scarf into a drapy “shirt” (which I kind of look prego in, don’t worry mom, I’m not) and throw on some blue jewelry. The good news is tomorrow I don’t have class until 6pm so I can spend all day getting things done! And sleeping in, mostly sleeping in.

ODP14 21 2



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