Two Years

I go out to a nightclub

In a tight sparkly dress and platform heels

Drinking and dancing and celebrating life



I go to the grocery store

In jeans and sneakers

Filling my cart with fruits and vegetables and life



I worship my God

In my Sunday best

Eating the body and blood of Christ and being filled with life



I lay in bed all day Saturday

In pj pants and an old t-shirt

Drinking black coffee and embracing life



I go out to lunch alone

In a shirt that says ‘no is a complete sentence,’ my headphones blaring ‘Praying’

Eating sushi and taking back my life



I drive an hour away to fieldwork

In khakis and an embroidered maroon polo with an official name tag

Following my passion and helping patients reclaim their life



I go to a park near my house

In a sports bra and leggings

Beating my feet into the ground and running for my life



I sit on my porch and journal

In a sweatshirt and shorts

Realizing that revenge is sucking away at my life


Everywhere I am

Everything I wear

Everything I do

Surviving what you did to me



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