ODP 2016 Day 28

Happy senior night to this fantastic woman right here (yes, the lion. Because just being a student isn’t cool enough, you’ve got to be the mascot too!). It has been one of my favorite things to get to know her throughout the past two years as her small group leader. I know you’re going to be a smashing success wherever you end up after high school, and I cannot wait to see it happen 🙂 I’m so thankful I got to come to your last home game! 💕

I also went to a work conference today, and I attempted to look quite professional. I think the wrinkle lines from driving to the conference detracted a bit, but overall, I would consider it successful ODP business casual attire. I also actually blowdried my hair today, like a real adult. Be proud, mom.

ODP 2016 Day 27

I need to get better at compartmentalizing my life. Parts of today were absolutely wonderful. I work with fantastic people, I love the education I’m privileged to receive, I’m interning at a beautiful community based health clinic, my parents love and support me, and my roommates are lovely. 

Parts of my life today were very hard. My Crisis in the American Family class discussed very heavy topics, I’m still sick, the three page letter to my apartment went unread, and I was forced to write another letter outlining the legal steps I will take to get out of this apartment. 

Count your blessings. Name them one by one. Wear sunshine-y leggings to increase happiness. Go to bed early. Start taking more of your own advice 😉

ODP 2016 Days 25&26

The last two days have been insanely stressful. Professional presentations in class yesterday, dealing with apartment fiascos today. Also, I am officially sick. Let me tell you, presenting in a blazer is 100% worse when you’re sick. Yesterday was also the day when all hell broke loose in my apartment. Complaints have been bubbling on the surface for about six months now,  but push has come to shove. Today, I wrote a three page, single spaced, email to the corporate offices of all our grievances. Technically, our lease keeps us here until June. I’m hoping corporate will have mercy on our delicate souls and let us move out in December. This is my “I’m about to crush this email writing” face with the corporate business card and stack of maintenance requests. Pray for me, y’all. I visit new apartments on Saturday. Here as a cheerful picker upper is an adorable picture of my favorite baby. He’s the cutest, isn’t he?