#ODP14 Day 1

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Hooray for October! I am ridiculously excited about what this year’s October Dress Project is going to bring. I decided to try something a bit more challenging this year: patterns. Although I don’t anticipate it being too hard, especially because I don’t really have a problem with mixing patterns (good thing my mom isn’t here to give her opinion, she hates mixing patterns). Anyway, I’ve gotten loads of compliments on The Dress already today (including someone saying “look at you, looking the way you look.” which I don’t really know what that means, but she was smiling so I’ll take it as a compliment). I bought The Dress at Plato’s Closet, but it’s Forever 21 by brand. It was only $10, so if this month ruins it I won’t be out much. I kept it pretty simple today, with just a paper bead necklace (a gift from my mom), “oxford” black flats (thrifted $8), a striped bow (a gift from one of my guitar students), and zebra print earrings which I got so long ago I can’t remember where. See you tomorrow!ODP14 1 3

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Purple Zebras

  I love presents. Giving them, getting them, watching other people get them, pretty much anything to do with presents is my favorite thing ever. My grandma sent me a present out of the blue the other day and it is SUPER cute! It’s a purple scarf with a medallion on it so it’s a necklace and a scarf all in one! It’s pretty awesome. I paired it with my zebra print skirt, a purple tank with a white top over it, and my black sandals. 

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March Report Card and April Goals

So I am very pleased to announce that I did fantastically on my March Goals!

1) Put $200 towards my trip to the Dominican Republic: A++
I had almost $200 saved before I received birthday money, but afterwards I was able to put in a total of over $400!! I am getting so close now! I can hardly wait until June!

2) Finish English with an A: A+
I was REALLY worried about English because of on grade that I got on the first paper I wrote, but I worked really hard and ended the class with an A! I actually got a 100 on the research paper, which is a really big deal for me, because I often make small grammar mistakes that cost lots of points.

3) Catch up on Economics and Physics: A
After finishing English I had a week or so to get caught up on my other subjects, and I actually stayed motivated! Surprise, I know. 🙂

4) Run three times a week: B
I was able to keep up with this for the first couple weeks of March, which was great! Then I ran my first 5 mile run for St. Patrick’s Day, which was super fun! Unfortunately, because I wasn’t used to running that far, I got minor shin splints in my leg, and I had to take a break for the next couple weeks. But I’m better now and will go back to running this month!

Do you like my St Patty’s Outfit? The socks are my favorite!

And now for my April Goals:

1) Put $100 towards my trip to the DR (I would say more but I’m going home this month and so I won’t be able to work)

2) Don’t go crazy waiting for April 16th

3) Keep my room clean; stop just dumping stuff on the extra bed

4) Get on top of blogging! No more of this blog after the fact!

It’s Christmastime!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you have all had a very happy day! Below you will find pictures of my Christmas Festivities! 
 My family before heading out on our Christmas Eve Service marathon. This year we only went to three, in years past we’ve been to four. I got sparkly tights for Christmas, so I decided to wear them right away! 🙂

This is what I wore to the Christmas service. It was the third outfit I tried on this morning! I’m wearing my zebra print skirt, black boots, red tights (which you could see when I walked), and my red scarf.
And finally, the Christmas tree we made out of mormon hymnals at the Chapel on post! We used them because they were green! 🙂 I love Pinterest Ideas! Merry Christmas guys!

October Dress Project: Day Twenty-Three

Patterns, patterns, patterns!! Y’all already know I love zebra print, but here’s another fun fact: I love England! I’ve been there twice and it’s one of my dreams to open a bakery/bookshop in downtown London. Oh, and marry a ginger Englishman so I can have adorable ginger English babies. But anyway…

Today was pattern day. I LOVE putting patterns on top of each other! So I’m wearing the dress, my union jack scarf, a zebra print sweater (fun fact about this sweater: I picked it out in the resale shop and my mom thought it was going to be awful, but when I tried it on she really liked it!), zebra print sequin shoes, zebra print white earrings, and a black bow headband. So that’s all for day twenty-three, see you guys tomorrow! 🙂

October Dress Project: Day Eight

I had a little unexpected inspiration today: The rain! And rain means umbrellas and rain boots! 🙂

I tucked the dress into some skinny jeans, pulled my rain boots on added some jewelry (pink necklace, pink bracelet, pink earrings), and donned my rain hat courtesy of Amy. The umbrella (kind of courtesy of Amy, the first one was, but then the mean airport people from the Dominican Republic took it and my mom bought me a new one) completes the look! I love the rain! 🙂 See Melanie? An umbrella is definitely a valid accessory! Photo credit goes to my lovely sister who surprised my by coming home today!

October Dress Project: Day Seven

Today was the first day I wore the dress to church, so I wanted to make it special! 🙂

As many of you know, I LOVE Zebra Print! So I wore my Zebra skirt with the dress tucked in so it looks like a shirt. I also wore polka dotted tights, a cross necklace, a black beanie with a pink flower pinned on, and my glasses. (No, they’re not real. They’re just for fashion!) Oh, and also my classic black heels! Thoughts?