The Day After

Hello reader,

Yet another year goes by, and I’m left evaluating the month of October. Every time I tell someone about the October Dress Project, they ask me two questions: “do you wash the dress?” and “why do you do it?” Normally, I give my standard “pro simplicity, anti consumerism, creativity booster” response, but something tells me there has to be more than that. What is it about this project that keeps me putting on the same exact dress every day for an entire month? I don’t consider myself to be materialistic, I’m a pretty creative person in general, and simplicity isn’t really my cup of tea. After thinking about it, I’ve come up with three things that make me stick with it. The first is commitment. When I start something, I finish it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a terrible movie or a craft project. When I decide to do something, almost nothing can stand in the way of me finishing. The second is the challenge. I really enjoy trying to make each year’s dress look different every day. It excites me to search through my closet to find obscure matches. I like seeing how many people don’t notice (especially this year and last year, when I wore patterned dresses). Not everyone who participates in the project makes it look different every day, and that is perfect for them. This leads to the last thing, which is the community. The group of women who participate in this project year after year are amazing. Reading their posts and seeing their pictures encourages me to continue, inspires me to try new things, and reminds me of the things that truly matter. Because it’s ok if you skip days when your kids are sick or your house is flooded. It’s ok if some days you wear the dress over sweat pants and slippers. The building up that occurs on the ODP Facebook page, which is full of women from all over the world, many of whom have never even met, showcases the community that Christ desires for us. These are the women that reel me in every September as I begin sifting through thrift stores for the next October dress. These are the women that read this blog and write encouraging comments. These women are friends, although I have only met a few, who I can count on for kind words and affirmation. You are the women who make me do this project, and I love you all. 

Ps: first non ODP outfit, and it’s a floral dress.. Perhaps my wardrobe could use a little diversity..


ODP Day 21 – Favorite

Hello reader,

This is my new favorite of the ODP 2015 looks. I knew from the very beginning of the month that I wanted to pair the dress and this skirt, but I was saving it for a day I wanted to look especially cute. Today I had an exam in Neurophysiology, and my theory for exams is “look great, feel great, do great.” It’s worked twice so far for this class!  
Another thing that’s my favorite: pockets. Hello random places to hold pencils! Is it normal to keep pencils in the pockets of your skirt? I’m not sure, but I’ve never been super concerned with being normal…

Also: dirty chai lattes, especially when they’re free, are my favorite. Sometimes (often, actually) I forget how much I LOVE coffee. This concept doesn’t make sense, because I drink coffee practically nonstop (this is not an exaggeration). But almost every time I take that first blissful sip of coffee, a calm, warm feeling fills me from the inside out. Pure heaven, y’all.

Wow, look at those roots! I quite rarely see the complete top of my head; it’s an interesting view… Time to brainstorm the next color change! Lavender? 

ODP Day 20 – Relax

Hello reader,

It might seem odd that I found today relaxing, given that I had a meeting about graduation requirements, a lab practical, work, and youth group, but I really did. I think it came from finally having answers to my graduation questions, the relief of finishing something I’ve been studying like crazy for, and quality time spent with quality people.    
It also might have to do with the fact that I drank 5 cups of coffee today, because I didn’t have time to be tired. 

I was feeling pretty pumped after my practical, so I decided to document the moment. That’s right, y’all – I took a bathroom mirror selfie. #whitegirl

But really, aren’t my scrubs super cute? The lady at the thrift store I got them at said, “you’re in school to help people? Sweetheart, you can have this for $1; we need more people like you.” God bless little old thrift store ladies.

The last time I went to youth group in my lab scrubs, the kids asked me like a hundred times if I was a nurse now, so I’ve decided to stop confusing them and just change before I leave campus. It doesn’t really count as a bonus outfit though, because I wear the same two pairs of scrubs to lab all the time.  
Check out this super cool Halloween castle in the youth neighborhood! It’s made out of styrofoam, and I wish I were as architecturally skilled as the person who built it. It’s wicked fancy.

Also, I know what you’re thinking. “Finally! She’s wearing more than two prints at a time. These lame-o boring two print outfits were getting old.” I completely agree. I’m feeling the thinning of my wardrobe selection as these last 11 days approach, so you’ll probably be seeing more of these three pattern combinations. I like them (mom, it’s ok that you don’t. I still love you).  
Ps: Internet, do you remember Lucy? She’s the, and you should be her friend. 

ODP Day 14 – Justification 

Hello reader,

 Today was long. And hard. And I’m starting to feel like junior year is never going to end. But at the (almost) end of the day, in between work and my night class, I cracked open a fortune cookie that told me to be thankful. Jesus knows what we need in our weakness, y’all. I am thankful for long talks with my mom, professors who give extensions, answered emails, and access to the UNT library database. 6 weeks of the semester left, y’all. Let’s do this.  
 I bought this leather belt a good two and a half years ago. Today was the first day I have ever worn it. But it’s so cute with this outfit, right? On the other hand, I bought these shoes about three weeks ago, and I practically wear them every day. Bottom line, regardless of how often I wear the things in my closet, if I feel happy when I wear them, I feel justified in their purchase. Life isn’t about how often, it’s about how well.  



ODP Day 11 & 12 – Effects of Procrastination

Hello reader,

I take it back; I will never procrastinate again. Read on for the stats of my last 38 hours.

  Blog posts: 1

ODP outfits: 2

Hours spent on campus: 21

Hours spent asleep: 3 1/2

Cups of coffee consumed: 7

Energy drinks consumed: 2

Papers written: 3

Exams and quizzes taken: 3

Meetings attended: 5

Mental breakdowns: ????? Too many to count

Things that didn’t get finished: 1 (not bad, all things considered. Also thank God for professors with lax due dates) 

Y’all, I’ve learned my lesson. Now please excuse me while I don’t move or think for the next 8 hours until the next round of insanity starts…


ODP Day 6 – Water 

Hello reader,

I’m a firm believer in honest answers to the question, “how are you?”. If I’m having an awesome day, I’ll tell you. If I’m having a horrible day, I’ll tell you. But some days, I just can’t put into words how I’m feeling.  Today was one of those days. Lately my heart has been breaking as my news feed fills with stories about the flooding in South Carolina. Swiping through pictures of houses I have slept in being submerged in water and roads I have driven on collapsed has been weighing heavily on my spirit. I wish I could be there to hug my best friends’ necks, to rip out ruined carpet with the children I used to babysit, and to provide a warm and dry place for the families that used to sit in my pew at church. But here I am in North Texas, unable tondo anything but pray. Friends, know that I love you, I’m praying for you, and my Texas couch is always available. Call me and I’ll put the kettle on.   

ODP Day 5 – Dining Dollars

Hello reader,

Today I am so glad that I have a friend with an excess of dining dollars. About once a week, we get breakfast together so she can use up some of the free money she has. So today we got breakfast, per usual, and I thought that was going to be it. Well, on Mondays I am on campus for a good 12 hours, sometimes more. Being the cheap college student/fantastic cook that I am, I always pack my lunch and dinner; today I had potato soup. Potato soup  that had apparently been in my fridge a little too long… Happy Monday! One quick text to my life saver friend, and she buys me chick fil a 🙂 a true saint, that woman.

PS – it’s freezing. Can it be March 80 degree weather yet?