#ODP14 Day 28

ODP14 28 1


The best way to feel cheerful is to wear yellow, right? I thought so. Originally I though this looked a little thrown together, but I got quite a few compliments on it, so it must have looked better than I thought it did. I got these tights from a store in the mall (they have leggings two for $10!), and they are legit so. soft. I also wore the skirt that I made out of a men’s dress shirt and my blue flower oxfords. I bought these shoes with my friend Jessica and she asked, “what are you even going to wear those with?” to which I replied, “um, everything?” So far I’ve been right. I love them! I went to my first class without the yellow sweater and it was pretty cold, so when my second class got out a little bit early I ran back to the dorm and grabbed it. I’m also wearing my daisy ring and my blue ring from the Dominican Republic (but I wear that every day, so it only matches by coincidence). ODP14 28 2

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#ODP14 Day 3

Candy corn


Do you see all that candy corn?? There’s five different flavors of candy corn in that bag (thank you, Grandma!). This is what happens when you go to the candy store in the square with your grandma on Family Weekend. It’s a pretty awesome experience, I must say. And, it offers new fun places to take pictures.

Denton Square

The square at night is super pretty, don’t you think?

Family Weekend

Having fun at the movie night


ODP14 3 1


There’s the cutest little (actually, it’s huge. I’ve gotten lost inside multiple times) used book store in downtown Denton. It’s a super fun place too wander around in. In their children’s section they have a door decorated to look like Platform 9 3/4, which I think is super awesome. I wanted to take pictures there, but there were too many children around, and I thought their parents would judge me if I started taking random pictures with a door… I took pictures in the botanical section instead, as it was pretty deserted. I wore The Dress as a shirt with a flowy (a little too flowy, it blew quite a bit in the wind today) white skirt, blue beads from my great grandma, a purple necklace with matching purple earrings, and blue and purple converse. Stay tuned for more adventures around Denton as Family Weekend continues! See you tomorrow!ODP14 3 2


I’m a Little Flower

 Guess what guys…I went shopping on Wednesday! Which means NEW (to me) CLOTHES! Which is pretty much my favorite thing ever, besides spending time with my family and friends, which can be done while shopping, so that’s pretty awesome. So I got this dress at one of the thrift stores my mom and I went to for like $6. It reminds me of a flower and will from now on be known as my petal dress. It’s getting way cold here (it was in the 30’s last night) and the dress is strapless so I had to wear a little sweater (purchased at a garage sale for $0.50) and tights to keep warm. I wanted to pair it with these super cute new heels that I purchased, but I thought that would be too dressy for Bible Study and school, so I went with my silver sparkly TOMS. I’m also wearing my spoon ring (tutorial found here), charm bracelet, treble clef earrings, and black and gray headband. Thoughts?
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First Day of School

I’m officially a college student! I’m headed to my very first class this morning! 🙂 Now most people would be worried about homework, or what their professors will be like, or things like that. I’m not too worried about that. But what’s been on my mind the past few days is what I’m going to wear to my first day of classes. I had it all figured out until I went shopping yesterday and found these shorts at a thrift store. They’re from The Limited. They’re brand new. Like the tags were still on them. They were originally $50. I got them for $2. I’m not even kidding you. You should have seen the look on my face when the cashier told me my total. This, my friends, is why you should go shopping all the time. You never know what you’ll find just before you need it!

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The Last of the Summer Ruffles

 So it’s officially August. Summer is coming to an end. And here in New York, that means the short-lived warmth is coming to an end. I decided to get my filmy ruffles in while I still could! I bought this Ann Taylor shirt while thrift shopping yesterday for less than $2, and I got the New York & Company skirt at a different thrift store a while ago for a similar price. Gotta love great brands for great prices!

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Polka Dots and Strings

 I’ve been waiting for a while for the perfect outfit to wear this head scarf with and I finally found it! I got this top at the on-post thrift store the other day for less than $3 and it’s the perfect color to wear with the scarf! I paired it with skinny jeans, a white cami, my blue polka dot earrings and necklace, and sparkly TOMS. When we went to a concert in the park I also wore a blue sweater because it is getting COLD here! It’s so not nice! (I was going to say not cool.. but it is cool…) I haven’t decided whether I’m going to shorten the strings on the top yet; thoughts? 

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New York City!!!!

Anyone want to guess what I got for my birthday? Only the BEST PRESENT EVER!!! A trip to New York City to see a Broadway play!!! I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip, but if you’d like to see them all check Facebook! 
My Sis and I, right after we got to our hotel

Grand Central Station! Can you find my mom and sister?

I admit- I am an unashamed Foodie 🙂 
These fries were delicious! 

This is what I wore the beginning of the day. Pink jeans, chevron top, black jacket, giant purple scarf (thank you Emily Rose!, the traveling earrings, and converse

Seeing Time Square at night has always been a dream of mine
Waiting in line to see the play 
Me and my momma 
Me and my sister
 We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the play so I thought I’d share a little of  my experience. It was AMAZING!! I cannot imagine anything better. It was so cool. Best Birthday Present EVER! While watching I remember thinking two distinct things: 1) there goes fainting off my list. It’ll never happen now. If I was ever going to faint it would have been now. and 2) Heaven will be better than this, and I couldn’t even imagine it.
The Walk of Fashion

The Family 🙂

I love Iron Man! My favorite super hero aside from Batman.

We went to see Good Morning America live!

My sister had WAY too much fun at the American Girl store!

We took a picture in the elevator of SAKS, just like our elevator picture in Harrods.

All in all I had a fabulous time! I can’t wait to go back!!