ODP Day 23 – Puddles

Hello reader,

Remember the rain from yesterday? It didn’t go away. Remember my idea to wear rain boots today? Well I did that, but it turns out my rain boots have lots of holes in them… Oh well, it gave me a reason to dance barefoot in the puddles.    
Also, can I just say that having a vegan friend is so fun. I could never dedicate my life to being vegan, but having a reason to experiment with vegan recipes is quite exciting. Enter: vegan dirty chai cinnamon rolls. So. Good. Definitely will make again.

 Today also begins the RSM Fall Retreat. I’m super psyched! Hooray for small group bonding and talking about Jesus 🙂 now if only we could get a teeny respite from the rain…



ODP Day 14 – Justification 

Hello reader,

 Today was long. And hard. And I’m starting to feel like junior year is never going to end. But at the (almost) end of the day, in between work and my night class, I cracked open a fortune cookie that told me to be thankful. Jesus knows what we need in our weakness, y’all. I am thankful for long talks with my mom, professors who give extensions, answered emails, and access to the UNT library database. 6 weeks of the semester left, y’all. Let’s do this.  
 I bought this leather belt a good two and a half years ago. Today was the first day I have ever worn it. But it’s so cute with this outfit, right? On the other hand, I bought these shoes about three weeks ago, and I practically wear them every day. Bottom line, regardless of how often I wear the things in my closet, if I feel happy when I wear them, I feel justified in their purchase. Life isn’t about how often, it’s about how well.  



ODP Day 7 – Week

Hello reader,

This week has been such a roller coaster of emotions! Also, it’s so hard to believe that an entire week of October is already over. How did this happen?  With October breezing by, the semester is half over before I can say, “is our final cumulative?” (ps, the answer is no. Thank you, Jesus)
Apparently this is the only pose I know how to do by myself. Alexa, come back and take my pictures like you did last year!   

 Speaking of Alexa, I freaking miss you. So much. I literally cannot wait until December! Oh the selfies we will take upon our reunion…the world is not ready.  
Until then, I plan on spending way more time watching the sunrise on my little porch. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is to sit on the porch, watch the sunrise, drink strong coffee, and spend quality time with Jesus. I am thankful that I was reminded of that this morning.

  I am also thankful for fire drills, and friends that will take dumb pictures of you while waiting to be let back into your neuroanatomy class.  
  I am beginning to worry about the amount of clothes I have left to add to this dress… This is not a good sign at the end of the first week! Tomorrow one of my projects is going to be to organize my closet into a “dress mixable wardrobe” and a “November wardrobe.” Wish me luck! 



#ODP14 Day 28

ODP14 28 1


The best way to feel cheerful is to wear yellow, right? I thought so. Originally I though this looked a little thrown together, but I got quite a few compliments on it, so it must have looked better than I thought it did. I got these tights from a store in the mall (they have leggings two for $10!), and they are legit so. soft. I also wore the skirt that I made out of a men’s dress shirt and my blue flower oxfords. I bought these shoes with my friend Jessica and she asked, “what are you even going to wear those with?” to which I replied, “um, everything?” So far I’ve been right. I love them! I went to my first class without the yellow sweater and it was pretty cold, so when my second class got out a little bit early I ran back to the dorm and grabbed it. I’m also wearing my daisy ring and my blue ring from the Dominican Republic (but I wear that every day, so it only matches by coincidence). ODP14 28 2

ODP14 28 3

ODP14 28 4

ODP14 28 5


#ODP14 Day 26

ODP14 26 1


I am seriously running out of clothes to add to this dress. My combinations are getting more and more colorful as I run out of solids. I’m ok with that, though. I’m getting a bit tired of black and white. Anyway, I wore a thrifted polka dot skirt over The Dress, a silver cardigan, and black wedges. I’m also wearing a purple flower necklace that my mother thinks is obnoxious (although I think she thinks most of my clothing is obnoxious).ODP14 26 2

ODP14 26 3


#ODP14 Day 25

ODP14 25 3This might have been one of my favorite days of this month, because it was FILLED with pumpkins. Alexa, Joanna, and I went to a pumpkin patch today to find the perfect pumpkin for our dorm room. Yes, we could have gone to Walmart and it would have been much cheaper, but this way was much more fun. Yes, we were the only people at the pumpkin patch who did not have children. No, we did not care. We started the day off right with pumpkin spice cappuccino with pumpkin spice marshmallows, pumpkin spice bread, and spiced pumpkin pie Clif bars (#whitegirlstatus, at least we didn’t get our pumpkin spice from Starbucks!). I think I might be obsessed. I think I don’t care. Then we drove to Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch (it was so cute!) to find the perfect pumpkin. It had to be small enough to go in our dorm room, but not super tiny. It also had to be short and squat, because that’s the perfect pumpkin shape. It took a little while, but I found it. We also got two tiny pumpkins (like super tiny) for only 50 cents each. I made an adorable presentation on top of the organizer in our dorm room, but I can’t get a decent picture until the light stops shining in so brightly from the window. Stay tuned for that. With The Dress I wore my orange sweater, my striped knee socks, and my cowboy boots.

ODP14 25 1

ODP14 25 4We tried to take a picture before we realized that the sun was behind us and our faces were way too dark.

ODP14 25 6Then the sun was in our eyes so you get these faces…you’re welcome

ODP14 25 5Oh look, we are actually able to take a cute picture!

ODP14 25 7


#ODP14 Day 17

ODP14 17 1


You’ll have to excuse the quality of these pictures, as they were taken on my phone instead of a camera.. Oh well, phones are a lot lighter than cameras! On day 17 I went down to Dallas for the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) Late Night with the Honors Program. All the museums in the Dallas Art District are open until midnight for free! It was so much fun! We rode the train down there (some guy getting off the train in front of us gave me his all day ticket so I didn’t even have to pay for that!) and spent the whole evening wandering around art museums. Lucy convinced us to do a one act play competition at the DMA, and I convinced Lucy and Joanna to try the Spun Chairs at the Nasher Sculpture Center (the last time I saw these was in London! I want one for my dorm room, but they were $600…Christmas present? From everyone put together? 😉 ). I wore The Dress with yellow tights, a yellow button up with a purple skinny belt, and my grandma couch shoes. If you ever get the chance to go to a DMA Late night you should definitely take it, because it was a blast!!ODP14 17 2

ODP14 17 4

ODP14 17 5