ODP Day 23 – Puddles

Hello reader,

Remember the rain from yesterday? It didn’t go away. Remember my idea to wear rain boots today? Well I did that, but it turns out my rain boots have lots of holes in them… Oh well, it gave me a reason to dance barefoot in the puddles.    
Also, can I just say that having a vegan friend is so fun. I could never dedicate my life to being vegan, but having a reason to experiment with vegan recipes is quite exciting. Enter: vegan dirty chai cinnamon rolls. So. Good. Definitely will make again.

 Today also begins the RSM Fall Retreat. I’m super psyched! Hooray for small group bonding and talking about Jesus 🙂 now if only we could get a teeny respite from the rain…


ODP Day 16 + 17 – Lights

Hello reader,

I love Dallas. There are so many fun things to do, tasty things to eat, intricate architecture to see, and artsy places to take pictures. Yesterday was the Aurora Art Festival, and it was super fun.    It was also super dark, except for scattered lights here and there, so this (my favorite ODP 2015 outfit so far) goes relatively undocumented. It’s a crying shame, really.
 What isn’t a crying shame? These ice cream sandwiches from a food truck. It’s a scientific fact that if it’s handed to you from a food truck, it will be infinitely better than if it came from a regular shop. I can say that, because I’ve taken several science classes. I know what I’m talking about, y’all. 

  If the Aurora lights were the theme for yesterday, then a light load is the theme for today. I spent the whole day “doing homework” with friends (read, I got one assignment done and hung out with a bestie for the rest of the time).   
Also, I get really excited when food (or anything, really. Flowers, crayons, other people) matches me. I have an innumerable measure of selfies that include me holding something pink up to my face. Cute quirk or strange habit? Cute quirk, always go with cute quirk. 


ODP Day 10 – Procrastination

Hello reader,

I think the real question of this day and age is this: who legitimately likes government? I’m not talking about the government. I’m talking about the general subject of government. I think the answer might be no one. But I suppose that it’s a big egocentric of me to believe that everyone has the same opinions as me. However, what I do know is that I have one paper left for this horrible US Government class, and I cannot write it. It is literally the most boring thing in the whole world. Today was a day filled with procrastinating writing this paper. 

How to procrastinate: a lesson by Normandy.

1. Spend the entire morning chatting with your roommate on Facebook, planning your European adventure.

2. Bake muffins. Eat them. Take 10,000 artsy pictures of them until you find one good enough to blog.
3. Go eat at fancy vegan restaurants with dear friends. Take artsy pictures of your vegan burger. Pretend to be a hipster.

4. Attempt to take appropriate ODP blog pictures. Fail miserably. Blog the ridiculous pictures you ended up with anyway. 

5. Vow to finish that darn paper in the morning, because obviously papers written at night would not be your best work.

ODP Day 5 – Dining Dollars

Hello reader,

Today I am so glad that I have a friend with an excess of dining dollars. About once a week, we get breakfast together so she can use up some of the free money she has. So today we got breakfast, per usual, and I thought that was going to be it. Well, on Mondays I am on campus for a good 12 hours, sometimes more. Being the cheap college student/fantastic cook that I am, I always pack my lunch and dinner; today I had potato soup. Potato soup  that had apparently been in my fridge a little too long… Happy Monday! One quick text to my life saver friend, and she buys me chick fil a 🙂 a true saint, that woman.

PS – it’s freezing. Can it be March 80 degree weather yet?

ODP Day 4 – Friends

Hello reader,

Some days are just good. Full of hugs, sweet messages, good food, and friends. Today was a good day.

This cake, which I made to bring to lunch with friends, is potentially my new favorite chocolate cake. It has cherry whipped cream as icing and a cherry filling, and it is delicious. And I have a jar of leftover whipped cream in my fridge right now, which I am very excited about. 

  Today’s outfit looks almost exactly the same as yesterday’s, but for some reason I like it better. I think it’s because blazers make me feel sophisticated, and sophistication is on of my major goals in life to achieve.

Even a blazer won’t make me sophisticated at 10pm on Sunday when I’m doing homework due the tomorrow… This morning person does not appreciate late nights… Yay for procrastination, coffee, and friends who take sneaky pictures of you studying!