ODP Day 14 – Justification 

Hello reader,

 Today was long. And hard. And I’m starting to feel like junior year is never going to end. But at the (almost) end of the day, in between work and my night class, I cracked open a fortune cookie that told me to be thankful. Jesus knows what we need in our weakness, y’all. I am thankful for long talks with my mom, professors who give extensions, answered emails, and access to the UNT library database. 6 weeks of the semester left, y’all. Let’s do this.  
 I bought this leather belt a good two and a half years ago. Today was the first day I have ever worn it. But it’s so cute with this outfit, right? On the other hand, I bought these shoes about three weeks ago, and I practically wear them every day. Bottom line, regardless of how often I wear the things in my closet, if I feel happy when I wear them, I feel justified in their purchase. Life isn’t about how often, it’s about how well.  




#ODP14 Day 28

ODP14 28 1


The best way to feel cheerful is to wear yellow, right? I thought so. Originally I though this looked a little thrown together, but I got quite a few compliments on it, so it must have looked better than I thought it did. I got these tights from a store in the mall (they have leggings two for $10!), and they are legit so. soft. I also wore the skirt that I made out of a men’s dress shirt and my blue flower oxfords. I bought these shoes with my friend Jessica and she asked, “what are you even going to wear those with?” to which I replied, “um, everything?” So far I’ve been right. I love them! I went to my first class without the yellow sweater and it was pretty cold, so when my second class got out a little bit early I ran back to the dorm and grabbed it. I’m also wearing my daisy ring and my blue ring from the Dominican Republic (but I wear that every day, so it only matches by coincidence). ODP14 28 2

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October Dress Project 2013: Altering The Dress

Has October sneaked up on anyone else? I feel like yesterday it was August and the first day of school! However, tomorrow is the first day of October and thus the first day of The October Dress Project! (more information on the project here) This will be my third year doing the project, and I’m really excited to do a maxi dress this year! The first year I did a red dress (I hadn’t made the blog yet so I don’t have any posts including that dress), which was pretty challenging, but not too bad. Last year I did a short black dress (see all of last year’s posts here), and that was pretty easy. So I thought I’d do something more difficult this year. Enter the maxi dress :).
 I would have shown you how it looked on, before alterations, but you probably don’t want to see that.. It was QUITE the v-neck. I got it at Salvation Army for a few bucks, thinking that if I could add some fabric to the top it would be great and if not, I didn’t waste too much money. Well once I got started, I decided the velvet needed to be taken off too, so it turned into kind of a long project, but I really like the way it turned out!
 Top, before.
 I had a black tank top that I thought I’d just add to the existing top. After seeing how that looked, however, I decided I needed to cut the top out first, and then sew the lace to the tank top, then sew the tank top to the skirt again.
 Sorry for the blurry pictures, but at this point it was like midnight so it was pretty dark in my house.. After the lace was tacked to the shirt I just sewed it back onto the skirt (which I had taken the velvet off of. If I ever seam rip another seam it will be too soon!). You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the finished result as I haven’t taken any pictures of the full dress yet! See you tomorrow!
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DIY Thrift Store Shoe Fix

Those shoes look pretty darn good, don’t they? That’s what I think too. But look what they used to look like:
Hmm, not so great, huh?
 I didn’t really mind the little scratches, most of my shoes have them because I buy mainly from thrift stores. But I was about to do my nails and I thought “hey, my shoes are that color red, I wonder if I could paint the scratches so it wouldn’t show.” And guess what….it worked! And I thought of it all by myself without the aid of Pinterest!!
 You can still see the spot where the material was pushed up, but it’s not nearly as noticeable as it used to be! I’m pretty proud of myself, I’m not gonna lie.
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Record Bowl

This is literally the easiest thing you will ever do. It takes less than five minutes. Seriously the thing that took the longest was fining a record I was willing to melt. I had to go buy on because I like all mine too much! 
 So preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place your record over an oven proof bowl and place it in the oven. It melts REALLY fast so keep an eye on it! As soon as it starts to soften take it out and push it into the bowl, bending the edges in the design you want. It will be hot, so make sure to use tongs or something to do the pushing!

 Let it cool and use it for your favorite snack! Unless that’s dip.. that probably wouldn’t be the best idea 😉

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Breaking Bottles

So I’m sure most of you have seen the pin about cutting bottles with string and fire. I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while, and I decided this past Sunday was the perfect day. I had been saving these bottles for about a month for such a time as this.
 I washed the labels off with warm water and got everything set up. I bring it all outside when I hit my first pitfall. My mother was sitting outside and she kind of freaked out about the fact that I was lighting bottles on fire on her front porch… After it was OK’d by dad (with the condition that I wear safety goggles) I was back on my way. 
Although the bottle says extremely flammable, I had a really hard time getting the string to light on fire. No biggy, I just switched to rubbing alcohol and that lit up just fine. I let the flame burn for about 30 seconds before I dunked it in the ice water pot. It cracked almost all the way around, and I just had to knock the top against the pot a few times before the whole top broke off. It’s not a perfect straight line, but I think that adds character.

 The next one was a little more eventful. I soaked the string, wrapped it 6 times around the bottle, lit it on fire, and let it go. It all seemed to be going perfectly! 

 This picture was supposed to be of the fire, but you couldn’t see it. It was burning though! I think I let it burn a little too long though, because when I dunked it in the ice water, well you can just see…

 It shattered…

 Good thing I was wearing safety glasses (aka, the biggest sunglasses I own…)
 The bottom was still pretty much in tact, so I was able to just sand the top smooth and make it work! 
 I chose to use dry black beans for the filling because my bathroom colors are black white and pink. 
 I really like the way it turned out!

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DIY Frame Calendar

I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest for a while and have always wanted to try it. I thought it would be really helpful come school, so I made it this past week. I had kind of a lot of setbacks, but I LOVE the finished product! I started with a bunch of frames from thrift stores, probably around 13 frames in all.
I wanted to stick with nuetralish colors, so I could transfer the calendar to my dorm room next fall. I picked black, white, and pink because those are the colors of my room right now. I laid out the frames how I wanted them and decided which frames I wanted which color. 
It was all going perfectly well until I ran out of white paint. No problem, I thought, I’d just go to the store the next day and get it all finished. In the meantime I shellacked the ones I had finished painting and left them outside to dry. Unfortunately, it started pouring down rain and my paint jobs was ruined. 
I had also stacked up all the glass from the frames and they were sitting on the floor in my room. Which is never a good place for glass… I stepped on the pile on accident and cracked my biggest piece of glass. In the end it worked out, I just used a different frame and got everything painted again. Although it took much longer than I thought it would, it looks great and I think it will be really helpful this fall!  

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