Record Bowl

This is literally the easiest thing you will ever do. It takes less than five minutes. Seriously the thing that took the longest was fining a record I was willing to melt. I had to go buy on because I like all mine too much! 
 So preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place your record over an oven proof bowl and place it in the oven. It melts REALLY fast so keep an eye on it! As soon as it starts to soften take it out and push it into the bowl, bending the edges in the design you want. It will be hot, so make sure to use tongs or something to do the pushing!

 Let it cool and use it for your favorite snack! Unless that’s dip.. that probably wouldn’t be the best idea 😉

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Breaking Bottles

So I’m sure most of you have seen the pin about cutting bottles with string and fire. I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while, and I decided this past Sunday was the perfect day. I had been saving these bottles for about a month for such a time as this.
 I washed the labels off with warm water and got everything set up. I bring it all outside when I hit my first pitfall. My mother was sitting outside and she kind of freaked out about the fact that I was lighting bottles on fire on her front porch… After it was OK’d by dad (with the condition that I wear safety goggles) I was back on my way. 
Although the bottle says extremely flammable, I had a really hard time getting the string to light on fire. No biggy, I just switched to rubbing alcohol and that lit up just fine. I let the flame burn for about 30 seconds before I dunked it in the ice water pot. It cracked almost all the way around, and I just had to knock the top against the pot a few times before the whole top broke off. It’s not a perfect straight line, but I think that adds character.

 The next one was a little more eventful. I soaked the string, wrapped it 6 times around the bottle, lit it on fire, and let it go. It all seemed to be going perfectly! 

 This picture was supposed to be of the fire, but you couldn’t see it. It was burning though! I think I let it burn a little too long though, because when I dunked it in the ice water, well you can just see…

 It shattered…

 Good thing I was wearing safety glasses (aka, the biggest sunglasses I own…)
 The bottom was still pretty much in tact, so I was able to just sand the top smooth and make it work! 
 I chose to use dry black beans for the filling because my bathroom colors are black white and pink. 
 I really like the way it turned out!

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DIY Frame Calendar

I’ve seen this floating around Pinterest for a while and have always wanted to try it. I thought it would be really helpful come school, so I made it this past week. I had kind of a lot of setbacks, but I LOVE the finished product! I started with a bunch of frames from thrift stores, probably around 13 frames in all.
I wanted to stick with nuetralish colors, so I could transfer the calendar to my dorm room next fall. I picked black, white, and pink because those are the colors of my room right now. I laid out the frames how I wanted them and decided which frames I wanted which color. 
It was all going perfectly well until I ran out of white paint. No problem, I thought, I’d just go to the store the next day and get it all finished. In the meantime I shellacked the ones I had finished painting and left them outside to dry. Unfortunately, it started pouring down rain and my paint jobs was ruined. 
I had also stacked up all the glass from the frames and they were sitting on the floor in my room. Which is never a good place for glass… I stepped on the pile on accident and cracked my biggest piece of glass. In the end it worked out, I just used a different frame and got everything painted again. Although it took much longer than I thought it would, it looks great and I think it will be really helpful this fall!  

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Pinterest Weekend Installment Three: Book Docks

If you missed Pinterest Weekend Installment One (backpacks) and two (silverware jewelry) you can find them here and here.
 After finishing our jewelry we moved on to the next project on the list: book docks! We started with two books from the thrift store for 50 cents each. We used these instructions to make them. It’s actually very easy, all you have to do is be patient enough to make it happen. I wasn’t as patient as I could have been so I’m not amazingly happy with the way mine turned out, but it will do for now 🙂 I mean, for 50 cents I can try again in a couple weeks with no harm done! If I try to make another one I will definitely take more time. I think I’d also put the hole farther back on the book. The way it is now it leans forward a little, putting a lot of strain on the spine of the book. I didn’t get any pictures of Gabby’s finished product, but her’s looks awesome too!

 Gabby was super happy she was almost done!
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Pinterest Weekend Installment Two: Silverware Jewelry

If you missed the first installment (DIY backpacks with only one yard of fabric) you can find it here.
 Four hours of sleep later we were back in crafting business!

 The most we paid for these were $1 each, but some we got for less.
 The first one cut! We cut the handles off with a hacksaw and then sanded the edges with a fancy sander thing that my dad said to use. (Funny story: when we first got back to the house after shopping we were telling my mom all about our plans and mentioned this project. She skeptically asked, “how are you going to get the handle off the spoon?” I immediately looked to my dad and said, “you have a tool thing, right?” He did, just like I thought he would 🙂 He even had a cool sander thing so sanding look less than two minutes instead of thirty) It was taking FOREVER to hammer the spoons into ring shape so I thought, “we should figure out if my dad has a torch of some kind in this massive garage.” I was right! He had a propane lighter thing that I figured we could use. Once again, my parents were gone (they like to be out of the house during the awake portions of my sleepovers so the estrogen level in the house doesn’t overwhelm my dad), so I was left to figure out how to turn it on by myself (well, myself and Gabby, but our collective brain power on such things is minimal.) It took us about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the thing lit, but once it was lit we were in business!
We were super safety conscious, can’t you tell? Gabby said “I think I should put my hair up so it doesn’t get burned, but then I have to go inside and get a hair tie…” I told her that sticking it in her hood would probably work. We couldn’t find any safety glasses so sunglasses are basically the same thing, right? Anyways, once we had the torch it was lots easier to get the spoon to bend, but we still couldn’t get the thicker part of the handle to bend. By then we were ready to move on to the next pinterest idea and contented ourselves with two-finger rings.

Please ignore my ridiculously short fingers and chipped nail polish. Thank you.
 Gabby’s ring
Isn’t her nail color absolutely adorable? I think so too.

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Pinterest Weekend Installment One: Backpacks

Every sleepover is planned for crafting purposes, right? Well if they’re not they should be. My fabulous friend, Gabby, and I planned a Pinterest Party and I will give it to you in three posts. Here you have Installment One: The Backpacks. 
 First we had to go shopping. I mean seriously, even if we had everything we needed we would have gone shopping…but whatever. This is the stash we came back with, and it only cost us about $35! If that sounds like a lot to you, you can think about it this way: the towels cost us $5 each and we needed four, so that’s 20 right there. The glow sticks, silverware, fabric, and books added together bumped it up to $35, so it was basically a steal.
 I had seen a pin on how to make this backpack with only one yard of fabric. Is this for real?? Yes, my friends, it is. And it’s totally not hard either! 
 This is what we looked like at around 6ish when we started. Look how happy and optimistic we are!
 We printed the pattern (it was so easy to follow!) and started cutting out the pieces. Gabby’s fabric was only two dollars at a thrift store and she had way more than she needed! I bought a fitted sheet from a different thrift store for $1.75 and had extra as well! After cutting everything out we started sewing it together. I don’t have any during pictures, so you’ll have to go to the original site, but her directions are super easy to follow! It was going to be great because my mom has two sewing machines so Gabby and I could sew at the same time, but two seconds into sewing I broke one of them and my parents were gone for the evening so we had to make due with one… I ended up doing most of the sewing because Gabby is a novice sewer and didn’t want to mess anything up. Needless to say, with only one machine we weren’t done with the backpacks until around 4am. But we did take about a one hour break in the middle, and the second backpack went much faster than the first one because I didn’t have to stop and read the directions the whole time. I have to say, this is my new favorite bag. It is super cute, the perfect size, and has loads of memories attached!
 At 4am, still smiling! 
 Little miss sassy with her finished backpack 🙂

Check back tomorrow for installment two, silverware jewelry! 
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Men’s Shirt Refashion

So I was browsing Pinterest (how many of my stories start with that phrase, I wonder…) and I came across a pin to refashion a men’s dress shirt into a skirt. I knew I had to try it. Unfortunately, when I pinned it our sewing machine was in South Carolina. That didn’t stop me from buying the materials, though! I got the men’s shirt from a thrift store for (I think) about $2. 3 months later I actually made the skirt.

 This is what the shirt looked like when I bought it.

 This is my “do you think it will look good as a skirt?” face

Finished product!

I ended up having to pleat it in the back because when I added more fabric to make it big enough I made it too big…

 Side view: it goes up on the sides and is slightly longer in the back, giving it a slight high-low effect. 

So how did I do it? I followed these directions. Basically, cut off your sleeves with the seam on the sleeve side. Cut as far up as you are able to get the collar off, making sure you get the back yoke. Take a skirt that already fits you and measure the back against the back of the shirt. You should fold the shirt so all the buttons are on one side and the middle of the back is on the other. Fold your skirt so the middle of the back matches the middle of the back of the shirt. Cut around the skirt. For the front you just lay the front of the skirt against the front of the shirt (lain normally, not folded) and cut around it. Then, if you picked the right size men’s shirt you can simply sew your front and back together and you’re done. However, if you picked the wrong size shirt because you were guessing instead of measuring, you can cut up your sleeves and add more fabric to each side of the back. Then you sew your (newly larger) back to the front. You can make a waistband out of the other half of the sleeve and sew that to the top, making pleats as needed. Then you hem the bottom, sew the front together so your skirt doesn’t flap open, add buttons to the waistband so your skirt doesn’t fall down, and voila! You’re done! I left the hem of the shirt as the hem for my skirt because I liked the look of the high-low, but you can straight hem around if you like that better. What do you think?
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