ODP Day 19 – Aspirations

Hello reader,

The walls are made of windows in the building where I work, so one of my favorite pastimes when clients aren’t coming in is to people watch as students rush by, hurrying to their next class. This is what I was doing early this morning before we opened. I saw this girl walk by, and I was instantly captivated by her personhood. She had long, blonde/pink hair, a Pinterest perfect fall outfit, a hipster beanie, and a super cute backpack. I turned to my friend Lucy and said, “she is the personification of everything I strive to be.” But the more I think about that statement, the less I believe myself. I know nothing of that girl’s spiritual life, academic achievement, campus and community involvement, dedication to friendship, or anything else that truly matters. There is no denying that whoever she is, the girl has style, but when I evaluate my goals, that is not what I strive to have.  

I strive for spiritual maturity in my walk with Christ. I strive to graduate with a 4.0 gpa and be accepted into a top graduate program. I strive to make a difference in the lives of the students around me. I strive to be a source of unconditional love for my friends and family. 

Looking cute is fun, and it might gain me followers on Instagram and WordPress, but allowing God to use me by investing in the lives of the youth in my church will help me grow and mature spiritually. Being the last person in the library parking lot will help me achieve my academic goals. Spending quality time with my friends will deepen and strengthen our relationships. Sometimes I think I need a reminder that my external appearance is one itty bitty fraction of who I am as a person. That’s part of the reason I love the ODP so much; the depth of emotions that comes from wearing the same dress every single day for an entire month  is what brings me back to this project each year. Creatively pairing articles of clothing into outfits I’d never dream of wearing in any other month is exciting, but the yearly mental reset into an attitude of thankfulness and contentment is the real treasure of the ODP. 
Dear Pinterest-perfect hipster girl,

You are adorable, and someday I hope to ask you where you got your backpack. I think we could be great friends, and I’m always down for more friends. But you are not everything I strive to be, because I strive to be more like Jesus. 


The writing consultant who was creeping on you through the window 

Ps: let’s get coffee sometime, because I’m serious about the backpack thing.


Pinterest Weekend Installment One: Backpacks

Every sleepover is planned for crafting purposes, right? Well if they’re not they should be. My fabulous friend, Gabby, and I planned a Pinterest Party and I will give it to you in three posts. Here you have Installment One: The Backpacks. 
 First we had to go shopping. I mean seriously, even if we had everything we needed we would have gone shopping…but whatever. This is the stash we came back with, and it only cost us about $35! If that sounds like a lot to you, you can think about it this way: the towels cost us $5 each and we needed four, so that’s 20 right there. The glow sticks, silverware, fabric, and books added together bumped it up to $35, so it was basically a steal.
 I had seen a pin on how to make this backpack with only one yard of fabric. Is this for real?? Yes, my friends, it is. And it’s totally not hard either! 
 This is what we looked like at around 6ish when we started. Look how happy and optimistic we are!
 We printed the pattern (it was so easy to follow!) and started cutting out the pieces. Gabby’s fabric was only two dollars at a thrift store and she had way more than she needed! I bought a fitted sheet from a different thrift store for $1.75 and had extra as well! After cutting everything out we started sewing it together. I don’t have any during pictures, so you’ll have to go to the original site, but her directions are super easy to follow! It was going to be great because my mom has two sewing machines so Gabby and I could sew at the same time, but two seconds into sewing I broke one of them and my parents were gone for the evening so we had to make due with one… I ended up doing most of the sewing because Gabby is a novice sewer and didn’t want to mess anything up. Needless to say, with only one machine we weren’t done with the backpacks until around 4am. But we did take about a one hour break in the middle, and the second backpack went much faster than the first one because I didn’t have to stop and read the directions the whole time. I have to say, this is my new favorite bag. It is super cute, the perfect size, and has loads of memories attached!
 At 4am, still smiling! 
 Little miss sassy with her finished backpack 🙂

Check back tomorrow for installment two, silverware jewelry! 
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