ODP 2016 Day 24

Please excuse me while I post ALL the fall pictures. Please ignore the fact that it was 80 degrees today. Fall pictures deserve fall clothing, so that’s what I’m wearing. Plus, my night class today was freezing, so this oversized scarf worked wonders as a blanket. It’s the constant struggle of being perpetually cold… I blame my mother. 

I cannot believe it’s almost November. Only one week of October left! I was looking through my calendar today and was shocked to see how quickly the end of the moth is approaching. Surprisingly, I feel rather on top of all of my assignments lately. There aren’t any impending deadlines, my presentations are almost over, work is running along smoothly, and I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night. Unfortunately, I think I’m getting sick. Send a girl some cough drops? 


One thought on “ODP 2016 Day 24

  1. You look refreshed. Hopefully your symptoms are only allergies. I have had a cough off and on and I think it’s from junk draining out of my sinuses and down my throat.

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