ODP 2016 Day 23

Look at all the cute things in these pictures! One of my dear friends, Hilary, gave me these super adorable hedgehog socks this morning. Are they not just the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen? Aside from Prickles, the actual hedgehog, of course. (ps you should totally follow him on IG @picklesandprickles) My friend, Jackie, and I took Prickles to the pumpkin patch in Denton and had a fantastic time. We tried to pretend it was fall, but it was pretty sunny. And also a little hot. But still fun. I wore tomorrow’s outfit to the pumpkin patch and today’s outfit to church. So stay tuned to see more adorable pumpkin pictures tomorrow.

I woke up with a wicked sore throat today (hopefully it wasn’t from yesterday’s sidewalk ice cream), so I made honey tea instead of coffee. I suppose it’s nice to switch things up a bit now and then. The inspiration for this came from my timehop for this time last year. When in doubt for what to wear, just pair the Dress with whatever you wore with last year’s Dress. Bonus points if it works just as well as it did last year. Brownie points if it’s super comfortable. All the points if you also wear super sparkly shoes! 


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