ODP 2016 Day 22

Things I was supposed to do today: clean the house, finish a lab report, go to a community yoga class, give blood, and volunteer at a soup kitchen. 

Things I did today: FaceTime my sister, have brunch with her via the internet, decide I need a day of rest, finish the new season of Drop Dead Diva, do the dishes, and go out on the town with Katie.

Promptly after we sat down to eat our ice cream, mine dumped onto the ground. Luckily, it scooped right back into the cone. And the five second rule starts after you take a picture, right? If I die tomorrow, blame the Denton city sanitation office. Or, blame me for eating something off the sidewalk. What can I say, I live on the edge. It’s where you get the best view. 

See how well it scooped back into my cone? Thankfully it was a small cone because late nights on the Denton square can get a bit rowdy. There’s a small crowd of crazies in this town, but they keep life interesting. 

If anything, you could say we’re part of the crazy crowd, but we keep life interesting. 


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