ODP 2016 Day 21

Lives were saved today. This morning my absolute favorite coffee shop ever gave me a gagillion buy one get one free coupons to give to all my friends. They’re a fantastic shop with lots of space for studying. They also have delicious drinks and snacks. So friends, let’s have coffee. 

Coffee wasn’t the only thing that saved lives today. Part of my new internship meant giving blood today. Apparently one person giving blood can save up to three lives! The lady at the blood bank told me I was a superhero, so I believe her. Give blood, y’all! You will save lives! There’s free snacks!

It is impossible to take a picture in this apartment without a cat coming in. They’re pretty needy animals. The cuteness makes it worth it though, I think. Very cuddly. Quite adorable. Much sweetness. Get a cat; they’re the best. 


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