ODP 2016 Day 18

Sometimes, God gives me little pieces of happy in the midst of chaotic life happenings. Today there was a lot of whirlwind: assignments, professors, friends, technology failures, etc. It was overwhelming. In the midst of all of this, my roommate texted me to say that my pans had arrived. I fell in love with these pans at the fair, and y’all, they’re fantastic. I haven’t had time to cook in them yet, but I was completely hooked from the fair presentation. Made in America, lifetime warranty, nonstick, scratch resistant, pan perfection. I. Am. So. Psyched. And they came today. Today, when I do very much needed a break from the chaos. Jesus meets us where we are, and frazzled me was at home after class unwrapping pans. 


One thought on “ODP 2016 Day 18

  1. I love this dress combo. So bright and cheery. The pans look great. I still have and use my pans that I bought when I was in college.

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