ODP 2016 Day 17

You know what the worst part of having poison ivy all over your foot and legs is? You can’t shave. And yes, I’m all about women choosing how to portray themselves and smashing patriarchal standards, but I’m also all about choosing to engage in some of those standards. Y’all, I hate not shaving my legs. Enter: pants! I very rarely wear pants. They require so much more work that skirts and dresses. They fall down or ride up. Your shirt comes untucked or it doesn’t come down far enough. They’re too short or too long. Too loose or too tight. But when you find that perfect pair, they’re priceless. Or $1.50, which is what I paid for these bad boys at a thrift store. Pants aren’t always my cup of tea, but these ones could be an occasional substitute for my normal sundress, at least until this poison ivy clears up. 


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