ODP 2016 Days 9&10

Y’all, I officially survived camping. Tents and all. More importantly, the dress survived camping. Also, we saw buffalo. Buffalo, people. It was so. freaking. exciting. Ok, so you can’t really see the buffalo in this picture, but trust me, it was there: it was aweome. 

As fun (read: extremely cold but also exciting) as camping was, I’m glad to be home. Showers are pretty nice, you know.  

Another fun thing about being home is going to class (nerd alert). Y’all, I love school. Especially when we do super fun crafts all class period. Today in my Creative Arts and Literature for Young Children class, we played with art materials for three hours. It was amazing. I made a self portrait out of pipe cleaners, which I think turned out quite well, thank you very much. 

I also made a little baby hedgehog, which I’m very much looking forward to displaying. Now if only I could find a place for it in my house…


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