ODP 2016 Day 5

Some days are very, very good. Full of rest, sweet treats from sweet friends, and free cooking. Even if work is crazy busy and the homework is piling up, it’s the little things throughout the day that remind me that life is good. 
I would say this is my “I’ve been slaving over a hot stove” pose, except my roommates don’t eat fancy vegetables, which is mostly all I cook. Instead I’ll call it my “Alexa take my picture for ODP; I’ll try to look natural” pose.

One of my favorite thing to do, especially if it’s been a stressful week, is free cooking. Free cooking is what I call it when I start throwing ingredients in a pan and see where it goes. This dish started with an artichoke. I’ve never tried to make artichoke before, so I did what any sane person would do; I added butter. From there I added lemon, garlic, and tomatoes. Plating it over pesto grounded the artichoke topping and rounded out the dish. Free cooking is so lifegiving for me, especially when it turns out both pretty and tasty. Midweek craziness, meet my new favorite dinner.


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