ODP Day 25 – Reality

Hello reader,

So retreat is over, and it’s back to reality for me. Normal people’s reality includes dancing on bubble wrap to relieve stress, right? No? Well, who wanted to be normal anyway? 

  Ps: I blame Jen for this totally ratchet outfit. She made me wear the retreat shirt, even though the dress has no blue in it at all. Thanks a lot, Jen. 
(Just kidding; love you)

 Sometimes, a bubble wrap mini party is what’s needed to motivate me to go to work on Sunday nights. I’m sure my downstairs neighbor hates me. I think it’s worth it.

 You know what else is motivating? Pink donuts. Pink everything, really, but especially pink donuts. Remember back when I told you I take pictures with random pink things? It’s still true.  Garrett was not very excited about being donut twins..I made him take a selfie with me anyway. Refer back to the normal comment at the beginning of the post, please and thank you.
 Also, apparently these are the faces you get after a weekend of retreat. Why do I look like a chipmunk? Who knows…chipmunks are cute, right?


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