ODP Day 21 – Favorite

Hello reader,

This is my new favorite of the ODP 2015 looks. I knew from the very beginning of the month that I wanted to pair the dress and this skirt, but I was saving it for a day I wanted to look especially cute. Today I had an exam in Neurophysiology, and my theory for exams is “look great, feel great, do great.” It’s worked twice so far for this class!  
Another thing that’s my favorite: pockets. Hello random places to hold pencils! Is it normal to keep pencils in the pockets of your skirt? I’m not sure, but I’ve never been super concerned with being normal…

Also: dirty chai lattes, especially when they’re free, are my favorite. Sometimes (often, actually) I forget how much I LOVE coffee. This concept doesn’t make sense, because I drink coffee practically nonstop (this is not an exaggeration). But almost every time I take that first blissful sip of coffee, a calm, warm feeling fills me from the inside out. Pure heaven, y’all.

Wow, look at those roots! I quite rarely see the complete top of my head; it’s an interesting view… Time to brainstorm the next color change! Lavender? 


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