ODP Day 20 – Relax

Hello reader,

It might seem odd that I found today relaxing, given that I had a meeting about graduation requirements, a lab practical, work, and youth group, but I really did. I think it came from finally having answers to my graduation questions, the relief of finishing something I’ve been studying like crazy for, and quality time spent with quality people.    
It also might have to do with the fact that I drank 5 cups of coffee today, because I didn’t have time to be tired. 

I was feeling pretty pumped after my practical, so I decided to document the moment. That’s right, y’all – I took a bathroom mirror selfie. #whitegirl

But really, aren’t my scrubs super cute? The lady at the thrift store I got them at said, “you’re in school to help people? Sweetheart, you can have this for $1; we need more people like you.” God bless little old thrift store ladies.

The last time I went to youth group in my lab scrubs, the kids asked me like a hundred times if I was a nurse now, so I’ve decided to stop confusing them and just change before I leave campus. It doesn’t really count as a bonus outfit though, because I wear the same two pairs of scrubs to lab all the time.  
Check out this super cool Halloween castle in the youth neighborhood! It’s made out of styrofoam, and I wish I were as architecturally skilled as the person who built it. It’s wicked fancy.

Also, I know what you’re thinking. “Finally! She’s wearing more than two prints at a time. These lame-o boring two print outfits were getting old.” I completely agree. I’m feeling the thinning of my wardrobe selection as these last 11 days approach, so you’ll probably be seeing more of these three pattern combinations. I like them (mom, it’s ok that you don’t. I still love you).  
Ps: Internet, do you remember Lucy? She’s the bomb.com, and you should be her friend. 


One thought on “ODP Day 20 – Relax

  1. You make me think of Grandma Witteveen when you wear all of the prinrs together. She did that on a daily basis and the colors didn’t come close to matching. Love your scrub top.

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