ODP Day 16 + 17 – Lights

Hello reader,

I love Dallas. There are so many fun things to do, tasty things to eat, intricate architecture to see, and artsy places to take pictures. Yesterday was the Aurora Art Festival, and it was super fun.    It was also super dark, except for scattered lights here and there, so this (my favorite ODP 2015 outfit so far) goes relatively undocumented. It’s a crying shame, really.
 What isn’t a crying shame? These ice cream sandwiches from a food truck. It’s a scientific fact that if it’s handed to you from a food truck, it will be infinitely better than if it came from a regular shop. I can say that, because I’ve taken several science classes. I know what I’m talking about, y’all. 

  If the Aurora lights were the theme for yesterday, then a light load is the theme for today. I spent the whole day “doing homework” with friends (read, I got one assignment done and hung out with a bestie for the rest of the time).   
Also, I get really excited when food (or anything, really. Flowers, crayons, other people) matches me. I have an innumerable measure of selfies that include me holding something pink up to my face. Cute quirk or strange habit? Cute quirk, always go with cute quirk. 



3 thoughts on “ODP Day 16 + 17 – Lights

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