ODP Day 14 – Justification 

Hello reader,

 Today was long. And hard. And I’m starting to feel like junior year is never going to end. But at the (almost) end of the day, in between work and my night class, I cracked open a fortune cookie that told me to be thankful. Jesus knows what we need in our weakness, y’all. I am thankful for long talks with my mom, professors who give extensions, answered emails, and access to the UNT library database. 6 weeks of the semester left, y’all. Let’s do this.  
 I bought this leather belt a good two and a half years ago. Today was the first day I have ever worn it. But it’s so cute with this outfit, right? On the other hand, I bought these shoes about three weeks ago, and I practically wear them every day. Bottom line, regardless of how often I wear the things in my closet, if I feel happy when I wear them, I feel justified in their purchase. Life isn’t about how often, it’s about how well.  




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