ODP Day 10 – Procrastination

Hello reader,

I think the real question of this day and age is this: who legitimately likes government? I’m not talking about the government. I’m talking about the general subject of government. I think the answer might be no one. But I suppose that it’s a big egocentric of me to believe that everyone has the same opinions as me. However, what I do know is that I have one paper left for this horrible US Government class, and I cannot write it. It is literally the most boring thing in the whole world. Today was a day filled with procrastinating writing this paper. 

How to procrastinate: a lesson by Normandy.

1. Spend the entire morning chatting with your roommate on Facebook, planning your European adventure.

2. Bake muffins. Eat them. Take 10,000 artsy pictures of them until you find one good enough to blog.
3. Go eat at fancy vegan restaurants with dear friends. Take artsy pictures of your vegan burger. Pretend to be a hipster.

4. Attempt to take appropriate ODP blog pictures. Fail miserably. Blog the ridiculous pictures you ended up with anyway. 

5. Vow to finish that darn paper in the morning, because obviously papers written at night would not be your best work.


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