ODP Day 7 – Week

Hello reader,

This week has been such a roller coaster of emotions! Also, it’s so hard to believe that an entire week of October is already over. How did this happen?  With October breezing by, the semester is half over before I can say, “is our final cumulative?” (ps, the answer is no. Thank you, Jesus)
Apparently this is the only pose I know how to do by myself. Alexa, come back and take my pictures like you did last year!   

 Speaking of Alexa, I freaking miss you. So much. I literally cannot wait until December! Oh the selfies we will take upon our reunion…the world is not ready.  
Until then, I plan on spending way more time watching the sunrise on my little porch. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is to sit on the porch, watch the sunrise, drink strong coffee, and spend quality time with Jesus. I am thankful that I was reminded of that this morning.

  I am also thankful for fire drills, and friends that will take dumb pictures of you while waiting to be let back into your neuroanatomy class.  
  I am beginning to worry about the amount of clothes I have left to add to this dress… This is not a good sign at the end of the first week! Tomorrow one of my projects is going to be to organize my closet into a “dress mixable wardrobe” and a “November wardrobe.” Wish me luck! 




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