ODP Day 1 – Thankful

Hello reader,

I think the rule is that the worse the first day of the month is, the better the rest of the month will be, right?  I hope so, because if it’s true, then the rest of October will be the best ever. Today was rough. Today, I will choose to be thankful.  
I am thankful that today is the first day of The October Dress Project. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to choose simplicity one month out of the year. I am thankful for friends who love and support me in the craziness of wearing one dress for an entire month. 

I am thankful for long hugs and real houses to escape to. I am thankful for a church family who loves me and lets me crash at their house at the last minute. I am thankful for those who know my heart and nurture it when I feel alone.

I am thankful for Zera Coffee Company and the people who work there. I am thankful for the man who made my coffee with love and the woman who laid hands on me and prayed for my spirit at the register.  I am thankful for quiet corners and comfy couches. 
I am thankful for my little baby Ferdinand. I am thankful for the adventures we had and the memories I will cherish. I am thankful for the vet who spoke with tenderness and sensitivity. I am thankful that he never has to be sick again. I am thankful that our last few days together were spent in peace and comfort, and I am thankful for international phone calls.


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