#ODP14 Day 31

ODP14 31 2

Happy Halloween! I was planning on wearing my Audrey Hepburn costume again today, but it was too chilly for bare legs, so I switched to the owl hat my mom made me years ago, a brown jacket, and my cowboy boots. This morning some friends and I were going to go to Amitea, which is an adorable little tea shop that I’ve been meaning to go to for a while, but it wasn’t open until 10 (even though their website said 8) and we ended up at Hypnotic Donuts instead. They have the cutest flavors and all the ones I’ve tried have been delicious! After breakfast I did some dorm room cleaning (it’s amazing how dirty such a little space can get!), packed up my laundry (we still have no laundry room since the fire so I’m taking advantage of family with non-burnt laundry rooms), and headed down to visit my grandma, aunt, and cousins for the weekend. I’m honestly a little sad that October is over. Yes, my dress is ridiculously pilled. Yes, I am going to be extremely happy to wear jeans tomorrow. Yes, I was running out of clothes I hadn’t worn yet. But, I think this year has been my favorite year so far. It was so fun to put together outfits with a patterned dress! I’ve also had a lot more fun blogging this year (even though I didn’t keep up with the days on time…). I’ve really enjoyed expanding my boundaries with mixing patterns and colors. I thought I was bold before the last week of this project. I’m just saying, bold is probably an understatement… But it was fun! I think next year I’ll go back to a solid color, but I’d like to go bright. Maybe green? Suggestions? Happy end of October, and end of this year’s October Dress Project! It’s been real.

ODP14 31 3

ODP14 31 4

ODP14 31 5

ODP14 31 6

ODP14 31 1



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