#ODP14 Day 29

ODP14 29 1


Funny story: on Sunday night the laundry room in one of the dorms on campus caught on fire (not the dorm I live in, so we weren’t even evacuated). It was a kind of a big deal; there were ten fire trucks there and the people living in that dorm were evacuated for quite a while. Because they don’t want all the other laundry rooms to catch on fire they’ve closed the laundry rooms in the remaining dorms for inspections. That seems like it would be a good idea, except for me, who was going to do laundry this past Friday (before it caught on fire). And if you miss doing laundry on Friday you just have to wait until Monday, because you won’t be getting a washer on the weekend, it’s a madhouse down there. All that to say, I’m almost a week past when I needed to do laundry and I have no washer/dryer. Just don’t think about how gross The Dress is right now. It’s better to put it out of your mind. Enter Alexa’s wonderful aunt and uncle, who live in Denton. They went out of town for the weekend and Alexa is watching their dog while they’re gone. And they’re real people with a real house and a laundry room that isn’t burnt to a crisp! This is good news for three reasons. 1. a new venue for pictures! 2. I get to wash The Dress (and underwear..that’s important too) 3. they also have a kitchen and I get to bake for the honor’s Halloween party tomorrow! Anyway, this outfit was pretty simple because I have practically no different clothes left! I paired The Dress with a grey and red sweater, grey leggings, and red flats. There’s only two days left (and I already have them both planned, so I’m super excited!)! ODP14 29 2

ODP14 29 3



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