#ODP14 Day 24

ODP14 24 1


Today’s outfit was super simple, even though it was a pretty awesome day! I wanted to wear a TWU shirt as an affirmation for the assignment I was doing. Two of the classes I’m taking this semester require you to observe children for two hours each week. So that’s not a huge problem, except I just moved here and don’t know anyone with children well enough to say, “hey, can I come to your house for two hours and watch your child?” That would sound pretty creepy. So instead I went to the mall, because they have a children’s play area.Although it’s still a little weird, it’s not as bad as being in a stranger’s house. Anyway, I wanted to wear the TWU shirt in case anyone asked me why I was watching their child play at the mall. Also, I was still making up for the four hours of sleep I got the night before and did not want to put forth more effort than absolutely necessary. Also, I’m running out of ideas. But on to exciting things: I got new coffee mugs at Ross today! They’re super cute and match our dorm perfectly! (check them out on instagram?). I also bought brownie explosion coffee, which I’m super excited to try! Continuing the food theme, I went over to a friend’s apartment and made banana bread (mind blowing fact: there were only three ingredients. 3 bananas, 2 eggs, 1 yellow cake mix. 350 for 40 minutes in two small loaf pans. Legit, it tastes like regular banana bread, only a teensy bit sweeter. My next adventure is to try to make it in a mug in the microwave). BUT: the most exciting news of all time is that………..Rachel and Lindsay just bought their plane tickets to come visit me!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!! We’re already planning our short week Together in Texas (that’s the theme of this Clarinet Reunion, I just decided that). What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio and surrounding areas?ODP14 24 2



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