#ODP14 Day 18

ODP14 18 4

I think I’m turning into a hipster.. Today I’m blogging in a coffee shop, drinking a smoothie, and eating an organic granola bar. Oh the horror! Halloween has come early! 😉 Anyway, day 18 was super simple: just The Dress with my Girls are not for Sale shirt from GEMS, a New York organization that helps girls who have been victims of domestic abuse or trafficking. But I really only wore this for a couple of hours before I got ready to go to a masquerade hosted by Denton’s Woman’s Club. I went with Amy and Joanna and we had so much fun! The actual masquerade was a bit boring, mainly attended by older women and their husbands, but after the party we went to The Greenhouse, a really fancy restaurant in Downtown Denton, for dessert. It was so fun to be high class, even for just a night.ODP14 18 1

ODP14 18 5

ODP14 18 8

ODP14 18 11

ODP14 18 12

ODP14 18 10

ODP14 18 9



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