#ODP14 Day 17

ODP14 17 1


You’ll have to excuse the quality of these pictures, as they were taken on my phone instead of a camera.. Oh well, phones are a lot lighter than cameras! On day 17 I went down to Dallas for the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art) Late Night with the Honors Program. All the museums in the Dallas Art District are open until midnight for free! It was so much fun! We rode the train down there (some guy getting off the train in front of us gave me his all day ticket so I didn’t even have to pay for that!) and spent the whole evening wandering around art museums. Lucy convinced us to do a one act play competition at the DMA, and I convinced Lucy and Joanna to try the Spun Chairs at the Nasher Sculpture Center (the last time I saw these was in London! I want one for my dorm room, but they were $600…Christmas present? From everyone put together? 😉 ). I wore The Dress with yellow tights, a yellow button up with a purple skinny belt, and my grandma couch shoes. If you ever get the chance to go to a DMA Late night you should definitely take it, because it was a blast!!ODP14 17 2

ODP14 17 4

ODP14 17 5




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