#ODP14 Day 16

ODP14 16 1


This is potentially my favorite outfit so far. I had the idea to wrap a scarf around as a skirt because the waist of the dress is so high that most of my normal skirts are too big to wear around that spot, but with a scarf you can wear it anywhere. I also wanted to wear tights because the scarf constricts the skirt a little in the back, making it a little shorter than usual. So I had to match a pair of tights to a scarf, which led me to the orange and purple (I’m sorry to all my South Carolina Gamecocks fan readers, please don’t disown me). Then I added the green blazer, which is one of my favorites, just because of the pretty color. Lastly, I wore brown sandals with orange, blue, and green beads. I was a little concerned at first about wearing tights with sandals, but I don’t think it was as big of a deal as I assumed it would be. Anyways, this is probably one of my new favorite ways to wear a scarf, so keep an eye out for more of this to come!ODP14 16 2

ODP14 16 3

ODP14 16 4



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