#ODP14 Day 13

ODP14 13 1


So I’m slowly catching up to posting my outfits on the right day, but until then you get pictures from a few days ago. On day 13 it was chilly and rainy, so layering was the best option. Lots of people had a lot more layers than I did.. I’m pretty sure it was the first day under 55*, and I saw at least five winter hats, eight scarves, and even a pair of gloves. For 50*+ weather… I texted my mom this news and her response was “It’s 40* here and I’m going to walmart in a fleece.” Ahh, the joys of winter in the South: the cold really isn’t all that cold!ODP14 13 2

ODP14 13 3


Here we have yet another example of the fact that I am incapable of taking a serious picture… It’s OK to laugh at me, I laugh at me too!ODP14 13 4



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