#ODP14 Day 11

ODP14 11 2

ODP14 11 3


Internet, remember Lucy? You should, I literally posted about her 10 minutes ago. If you can’t tell, we spent the weekend at the same camp, so we have lots of pictures together now. But not many are great for showing off ODP outfits, so you get what you get. On Saturday I wore The Dress with floral leggings (they were 2 for $10 at La Belle!), and a grey cardigan (these Texas winters are a bit chilly! haha, just kidding. Everyone else thinks the are though). I was also wearing my pink Sperry’s. I have to say, these leggings might just make it into my favorites list. They’re super soft and they’re such a fun print! So look for them in November, as they’ll probably get worn multiple times in the near future. ODP14 11 4



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