#ODP14 Day 10

ODP14 10 1


Aren’t we the cutest? Internet, meet my friend, Lucy. Lucy, meet the internet. These pictures were taken quite late on Friday night, which is the explanation for the craziness of our faces/poses. I wore The Dress with a white maxi dress folded down into a skirt over it, and a belt over that. Unfortunately, it started POURING down rain while we were out, so on the run from the car to the house, I stepped on the edge of my hem and tore the maxi dress. I think I’ll be able to take it up and hem it at the next rouching line, but then I’ll only be able to wear it as a skirt, not a dress. Oh well, at least I didn’t get too wet in the downpour! Also, fun story: we went into CVS right before it started raining and while we were checking out one of the workers came in with the “V” from the outside of the building! It had fallen off the building in the wind and rain, and was almost as tall as the guy who had brought it in. It was quite the experience!ODP14 10 2

ODP14 10 3



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