#ODP14 Day 9

ODP14 9 1


Today I found out that Alexa and I are quite terrible at taking serious pictures late in the evening after having very long days. We tried for a while to get some decent shots, but to little avail. I’ve included only the least awkward outtakes. The cute picture is at the end, though. I went to a friend of mine’s (Victoria’s) choir concert with Victoria’s roommate, Jalene, this evening, and then Jalene, Alexa, and I went out to eat at LSA Burger on the square. Victoria couldn’t come because she was being a good kid and hanging out with her family. But back to LSA: it was delicious!! And pretty decently priced for an uptown burger place, which is always a plus. Anyways, today I just threw on this tank top over The Dress and ran to class. I was wearing my pink Sperry’s, but those didn’t make it to the picture. Also, just a heads up, but I might not be able to post over the weekend because I’m going on a fall retreat with FOCUS! But I will take pictures, so don’t worry your little heads, I’ll be back by Monday at the latest. Happy almost weekend, reader!ODP14 9 2

ODP14 9 3




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