#ODP14 Day 8

ODP14 8 1


It amazes me how blonde my hair looks in these pictures; it’s weird to have to get used to your natural hair color again! Good thing I’m dying it again at the end of the month 😉 Today was a lazyish day, I slept in a lot since I didn’t get back in from seeing the blood moon until 5:30am, then I had to get to class. After class I had the strangest conversation with the guy working the check out in the Garden Room (like a miniature cafeteria with better hours). Apparently liking veggie burritos is a turn on for some guys… Anyway I wore The Dress with a flowy top (which has a big hole in the side, I keep forgetting to mend it! But when I wear it anyway there’s really no motivation to fix it…), thrifted yellow belt, and thrifted flats. Kind of a “throw together because I have to leave for class in 15 minutes” outfit, but I like the way it turned out. See you tomorrow!ODP14 8 2



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