#ODP14 Day 5

ODP14 5 1


First Sunday in The Dress and I’m still mixing patterns (mom, Alexa does a very poor imitation of your disdain for mixing patterns…it goes like this: “that looks SO CUTE”). For church I actually wore short black boots but I switched to flats before going to a concert. A few friends and I went to the Harvest America concert featuring For King and Country, Phil Wickham, and Mercy Me. It was a lot of fun! For King and Country is literally my absolute favorite Christian band in the world, so I went just for them. Anways, I wore The Dress with a thrifted black vest, H&M tights, owl earrings, and thrifted black flats (/short boots). I’m slightly concerned with the amount of pilling that’s already occurring on the side of The Dress.. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how bad it gets.. See you tomorrow, reader!ODP14 5 2



One thought on “#ODP14 Day 5

  1. The Dress is so cool!! i can’t really tell if there’s pilling from the picture though ❤

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