#ODP14 Day 4

ODP14 4 4

Happy Saturday, readers! I found a fun new place to take pictures today, which shows that good things come from exploring campus with your grandma. I think it might be the arts department, but to me it kind of looks like an old motel/jail. There’s even a note on one of the doors that said “dear janitor, please do not clean this room, we will clean it.” Weird, huh? It was also pretty chilly this morning (I know, I know, Texas chilly has nothing on what my parents are experiencing right now..) so I wore my fuzzy lined purple tights, a purple sweater, and the same converse I wore yesterday. Shout out to my mom for convincing me to buy those converse, I literally wear them at least once, but most of the time twice a week. We spent the rest of the day hanging out on campus and around Denton, which was pretty fun! One pretty exciting thing happened though: I went to introduce my grandma to one of my professors whose office is in the library and she tells me she just finished grading something I turned in like two weeks ago. This was an assignment that I was SUPER worried about, because I had to base all my information and writing off of chapters we hadn’t covered in class yet.. So I nervously take the paper from her and come to find out, I got a 100! *insert happy dance* I hope your day was as cheerful as mine! ODP14 4 2

ODP14 4 3

ODP14 4 1

ODP14 4 5



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