#ODP14 Day 3

Candy corn


Do you see all that candy corn?? There’s five different flavors of candy corn in that bag (thank you, Grandma!). This is what happens when you go to the candy store in the square with your grandma on Family Weekend. It’s a pretty awesome experience, I must say. And, it offers new fun places to take pictures.

Denton Square

The square at night is super pretty, don’t you think?

Family Weekend

Having fun at the movie night


ODP14 3 1


There’s the cutest little (actually, it’s huge. I’ve gotten lost inside multiple times) used book store in downtown Denton. It’s a super fun place too wander around in. In their children’s section they have a door decorated to look like Platform 9 3/4, which I think is super awesome. I wanted to take pictures there, but there were too many children around, and I thought their parents would judge me if I started taking random pictures with a door… I took pictures in the botanical section instead, as it was pretty deserted. I wore The Dress as a shirt with a flowy (a little too flowy, it blew quite a bit in the wind today) white skirt, blue beads from my great grandma, a purple necklace with matching purple earrings, and blue and purple converse. Stay tuned for more adventures around Denton as Family Weekend continues! See you tomorrow!ODP14 3 2



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