#ODP14 Day 2

ODP14 2 2


Busy roommate=mirror selfies. Please disregard the smudges (my mother will be so ashamed…). Today was glorious; great classes, a huge thunderstorm (have you ever watched a thunderstorm from the 15th floor of a building? It’s beautiful), making pancakes with friends at school, skyping with friends not at school, etc. Also, family weekend starts tomorrow, and my lovely grandma is coming up! I can’t wait until my parents are back within driving distance, but until then, my gram is a nice substitute. Also: I’m only two days in and I’m already mixing patterns (big time, three patterns in one outfit might be a record for me). Although mixing patterns does seem to be more popular on college campuses, because lots of people commented on how “put together” this looked. I say anything worn with confidence is “put together.” Today in my human development class my professor asked us what we believe that no one else believes and I said, “I believe it’s possible to have fun and succeed at the same time. Wear crazy outfits, paint your nails neon pink, go bowling at midnight, dye your hair purple, but still work hard. Value yourself, your personality, and your education and you’ll be successful.”¬†ODP14 2 1



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