October Dress Project; Years in Review

I am SO excited that October starts TOMORROW!! I’m super pumped about my dress for this year. So in preparation for a month of one dress, I decided to put together a compilation of the last three Octobers. The following are my favorite looks from my years of participating in ODP. (you can find all of last year’s posts here)

Day Five

Day Twenty-Nine

ODP 2 6

2013: I wore a black maxi dress all month. It was pretty hard to continue to enjoy making it look different after about 20 days. Although I was pretty shocked at the end because there were still people who hadn’t noticed I was wearing the same dress every day! Just goes to show that something I thought people were constantly noticing and judging actually went quite unnoticed.



2012: I wore a short black dress. This has definitely been the easiest dress I’ve done. There were basically no restrictions as to what you could wear with it. I had a lot of fun this year, but I did miss a little of the challenge.

                                                                ODP 2011

ODP 201

2011: I wore a short red dress. It was a little ambitious for my first ODP, but I had a lot of fun with it. I did a lot of t-shirts with this one.

I think it’s so fun to go through all my pictures from Octobers of the past three years. It’s cool to see how my picture taking skills changed, my style evolved, and my writing matured. It’s also pretty neat to see what items of clothing I’m pretty attached to. That red and grey plaid shirt made an appearance each year, and I must confess I had already pictured it with this year’s dress before I started this post… I’m excited to see what this October brings, especially because it’s my first year at school! It’s going to be super fun, and I can’t wait to share the journey with y’all! See you tomorrow!



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