Science-y Clothes



So a while back I talked about the super exciting opportunity I had to go with my A&P professor to help lead a science day for an elementary school. It was pretty much the best day ever. And me, being the nerd that I am, wanted to wear “science clothes.” It’s ok to laugh, my mom did. I bought these bone leggings online last year for halloween, and have been itching to wear them again, but my mom thinks that if I wear them not on halloween people with think that I’m goth or something. She’s probably right, but I like them a lot, so I wear them every chance I get. That was pretty much the extent of my “science” wardrobe. (I just bought the shirt that says “I found this humerus” with a picture of a humerus on it, but I didn’t have it yet when I needed science-y clothes) In lieu of other science-y clothes, I paired my leggings with a chevron dress and my Jefferson shirt (school spirit, yay!). Then I just wore my thrifted green flats and a black hat for warmth. Anyway, it was a super fun night, go science!



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