It’s been far too long…

Since I’ve posted! I feel quite terrible about it, and apologize sincerely. This whole “real school” thing has quite interfered with my social calendar. But I did not stop baking or wearing clothes (and I’m sure everyone is glad of that!) while I was away from the blog, so I have lots to share with y’all! And I vow to do so more regularly in the coming future. Just a short update on my life so you aren’t in the dark: I’ve decided where I will be attending college in the fall, Texas Woman’s for the win! I dyed my hair purple, yes my entire head, take up complaints with my mother, she’ll agree with you 😉 while visiting South Carolina recently. I am thoroughly enjoying my classes this semester, especially anatomy and physiology, in which I have the best professor on the face of the earth. That’s basically all I’m doing these days, other than baking, hanging out with my best friends, traveling, and browsing Pinterest. Stay tuned for more interesting posts about FOOD!

Much love,



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