#ODP13 Day Thirty-One

#ODP13 Day 31


We’re DONE!! I’ve made it to the end! Not that I ever thought that I wouldn’t, I’m just very excited to get back to jeans tomorrow 🙂 Come back tomorrow for a round-up post!
#ODP13 Day 31

So today was obviously Halloween, and so I obviously had to dress up. And my mom also had to dress up for her work, so I made her costume to match mine. She didn’t want to buy anything, so I just drew and cut the bones out of contact paper and stuck/pinned them onto her black clothes. I got my tights from Party City (online) and my t-shirt from 5 Below (which is a pretty awesome store in which everything is $5 or less). I also made a tutu, because tutu’s are awesome. Then I just wore black studs and black heels.
#ODP13 Day 31

These two pictures are to prove I was actually wearing The Dress underneath my costume. My mom tied it in a bow in the back so it hung down a little in the back and was a mini skirt in the front.
#ODP13 Day 31

#ODP13 Day 31


So I gave out candy, pigged out on candy, watched my very first scary movie ever (because apparently The Village doesn’t count as a scary movie), and  went to Walmart in a tutu. Over all I think this Halloween was a success.


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