#ODP13 Day Twenty-Five

#ODP13 Day 25

So yesterday I did my math wrong.. There’s six days left today, not yesterday. Yesterday there were seven days left. Anyway, we’re almost through! It seems a little sad that I’ll soon be out of The Dress. As much as I miss my jeans, I’ll feel funny pulling them on next Friday. But back to today. It was bitterly cold outside, so I had to take the pictures inside today. I wore The Dress, my zebra sweater over it, a pink scarf, my faux leather jacket, and my wool-lined TOMS. They don’t really match, but they’re warm!
#ODP13 Day 25

#ODP13 Day 25 #ODP13 Day 25

#ODP13 Day 25

How I feel today:
#ODP13 Day 25

I have been trying to find this picture since the beginning of October, but googling “nun jokes” hadn’t been working so well. But the nuns at work (I work as a kitchen aide at a convent) have it as a magnet on their fridge so I just snapped a picture of theirs tonight at work. Happy weekend, reader!



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