#ODP13 Day 23

#ODP13 Day 23


Combating thoughts of snow with bright colors works, right? Well, it did today at least! No snow for me 🙂 It was wickedly cold though. Today I wore The Dress with a blue tank top over, a peach sweater over that, and a blue sweater over that. Layers, layers, layers! The peach sweater was a gift, I believe, as was the blue sweater. I also wore a new blue and peach starred scarf (thrifted for $3!) , blue and pink flats (clearance, $6), and blue and pink earrings.
#ODP13 Day 23

#ODP13 Day 23

#ODP13 Day 23

#ODP13 Day 23


This was my “I have a star scarf, look at the stars” face.
#ODP13 Day 23

#ODP Day 23


Let it be known: I almost froze taking the pictures without my extra sweater. I’m already ready for warmer weather again!!


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