#ODP13 Day Nineteen

#ODP13 Day 19



Two exciting things happened today: 1) I went apple picking with my family and some friends (we picked like 50 pounds of apples. I’m not even exaggerating right now.) and 2) I got a new scarf. I kind of love scarves. Like a lot. So I had to wear my new scarf apple picking (besides the fact that it was absolutely freezing). Because it was freezing, I also wore my chambray shirt, crocheted hat, leggings and leg warmers. But the only color leg warmers I have are pink, so they don’t really match that well. I tied up the bottom of The Dress so it wouldn’t drag in the mud of the orchard. Basically, I looked kind of ridiculous, but I was wearing an awesome scarf, so I’m kind of OK with that. Also: I did actually wear shoes to pick apples, I just didn’t feel like putting them back on for the picture.
#ODP13 Day 19

 #ODP13 Day 19 

#ODP13 Day 19

#ODP13 Day 19 

#ODP13 Day 19


As you can see, I’m actually way in love with this scarf. Shout out to my awesome mom who bought it for me! Happy weekend, reader!


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