#ODP13 Day Twelve

#ODP13 Day Twelve


Am I a hipster yet? I’m told you’re only a hipster if you deny being a hipster, so I guess that throws me out… Oh well, to be a fake hipster is probably more fun than being a real hipster anyway. Plus taking pictures with props is way more fun than taking them without 🙂
#ODP13 Day Twelve

Today I wore The Dress, a yellow button up (thrifted), a denim vest (thrifted by my dear grandma), my pocket watch necklace (given to my by my grandpa), a blue bead necklace (a gift from a friend), my converse (a Christmas gift several years ago), and yes, those are 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.
#ODP13 Day Twelve

#ODP13 Day Twelve


My neck looks kind of tiny in this picture, but don’t worry, I have a regular sized neck. Happy Saturday, reader!
#ODP13 Day Twelve



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